Onwards and upwards! 1

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who donated to our recent IndieGoGo campaign. We met our goal, raising over $5,000 that will go towards our exciting plans for the future, including nonprofit status, subscriptions, and expanding to new cities. We’ll be contacting everyone soon regarding rewards (including scheduling drinks with all our brand new “Drinking Buddy” friends!) and where to send them. Not everyone is listed below, as some individuals wished to remain anonymous, however, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!

Rick Flynn
Chris Stanton
Jason Barbacovi
Michael Mott
Marysa Mitch
Kerri Mac Donald
David Backer
Helena Fitzgerald
Thomas Strickland
Philippe Perez
Charles Muir
Gabriel Katzner
Sandra Begley
Jake Goldman
Nicola Roe
Ann McMillan
Joe Lombardo
Jami Attenberg
Amy Rosenbaum
Benjamin Hart
Chris Norton
Adam Pimentel
Sam Dworkin
Walter Cummins
Andrew Jaico
Jasmine Faustino
Jeremy Mercer
Eric Silvera
Sam Ashworth
Tasha Pedigo
Eleanor Shevlin
Dominick Lombardo
Sarah Blake
Albert Hill
Kali Kotoski
Michael Bednarski
Ellen Simko
Ulysses Vidal
Patricia Khan
Sarah Elmaleh
Britt Gambino
Gabriel Lehner
Molly Hartman
Maribeth Theroux
Karen Courtheoux
Ben Samuel
Justin Alvarez
Tim Hettler
Abena Hutchful
Eliza Read-Brown
Rob McKean
Gessica Lesser
Debbie Ann Ice
Casey Siegel
Margaret Leighton
John Evans
Devin Kelly
Eliot Fisher
Jason Diamond
Mike McTiernan
Julie Skarwecki
Matt Montesano

Again, thank you from the bottom of our word lovin’ hearts!