INTERVIEW: Patricia Murphy of Issue 5

Update! Issue 5 now available in our online store here.

Also in Issue 5, we have the ever wonderful Patricia Murphy, who has the honor of having the piece that opens the issue–“Tell Your Story Walking.” It should also be noted, she really knows how to end an interview with a “say what now?” moment.

Patricia Murphy

Who is your favorite character in literature?
Oskar Matzerath from Gunter Grass’s The Tin Drum. Or more recently, Jason Fitger from Dear Committee Members.

What is your quirkiest habit as a writer?
Timing myself and keeping track of all of my hours.

Least favorite word, why?
Moist. Because, moist.

Favorite guilty pleasure read?

What are you reading now?
Robin Black’s If I Loved You I Would Tell You This.

What is one book you’ve always wanted to read but haven’t quite managed somehow?
I’m trying to read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the original French. It’s moving slowly.

What emoji best depicts you during the writing process?


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard about writing?
Ron Carlson’s keep your butt in the chair.

Can often be found…
Running South Mountain in Phoenix.

Anything else random or weird or delightful or exciting you want Armchair/Shotgun readers to know?
Um, Steve McQueen was my mother’s cousin.

PATRICIA MURPHY teaches writing at Arizona State University where she is founding editor of Superstition Review. Her work has appeared in numerous journals including American Poetry Review, Quarterly West, The Iowa Review, and Indiana Review. Her poems have received awards from Gulf Coast, Bellevue Review, The Madison Review and others. She runs where she writes reviews of lunches and literary magazines.

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