IndieGoGo Rewards!

Thank you again for being so wonderfully generous during our IndieGoGo campaign. As of right now, almost all rewards have gone out (the last ones as of this week). If you haven’t received your reward yet, please contact us here with your address and phone number so we might get that out to you as soon as possible. For those of you who are missing a portion of your reward, like say a fabulous typewriter or drinks with Armchair/Shotgun, don’t worry. We still plan on filling those rewards, we just have to work out logistical issues on certain items. But feel free to email us at the previously mentioned email address as well just in case.

And, if you are reading this and didn’t contribute to our IndieGoGo campaign but were like, “Hot damn! Those interviews with Rob Hill, Britt Gambino, Devin Kelly, Robert McKean, and Patricia Murphy really made me want to buy Issue 5,” well, good news, it’s here!

In the meantime, know we are putting your funding to excellent use. We recently launched Issue 5 and are deep into reading submissions for Issue 6 and – slowly but surely – pursuing our future goals thanks to your help.