National Poetry Month Kick Off

Today marks the first day of National Poetry Month for 2015 so we thought you all might like to know who some of our favorite poets are–other than the ones we publish or interview, that is. Only the first lines of favorite works have been included here–except for the full poem we provided for a […]



Issue 5 Launch Party Time! 2

Now that we very happily have copies of our latest issue in hand, it’s time for one of our favorite parts of putting out a new issue–the party! St. Mark’s Bookshop has been kind enough to host us for a wonderful night of readings from our authors (listed below), merriment, and libations. The event will […]

INTERVIEW: Britt Gambino of Issue 5 1

Update! Issue 5 now available in our online store here. In exciting news, even as this interview is being posted, Issue 5 is on a truck headed our way. Last check in it was already in Long Island! Even more exciting news? Issue 5 features the poetry of Britt Gambino who will also be one […]

frank underwood

Patricia Murphy

INTERVIEW: Patricia Murphy of Issue 5

Update! Issue 5 now available in our online store here. Also in Issue 5, we have the ever wonderful Patricia Murphy, who has the honor of having the piece that opens the issue–“Tell Your Story Walking.” It should also be noted, she really knows how to end an interview with a “say what now?” moment. […]

INTERVIEW: Robert McKean of Issue 5 1

Update! Issue 5 now available in our online store here. Next up in our “get to know our Issue 5 authors” blog spree–okay, maybe it’s not a spree yet, but it *will* be–is Robert McKean! His short story, “That’s All That Matters,” can be found beginning on page nine of Issue 5–don’t worry, we’ll let […]

"A novel I wrote featured a chocolate shop. Not knowing a thing about making chocolate, I persuaded my wife to accompany me on a week-long intensive course in chocolate-making. I’m the worried one in the green hat laboring over my misshapen chocolate mice, she’s the one with a big silly grin under the red hat."