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Current Issue

Issue 6 cover

Featuring an interview with award-winning poet, editor and founder of Brooklyn Poets, Jason Koo. New fiction by Allegra Frazier, Fraylie Nord, Chris Werkman, Andrew Scheinman, Jaclyn Adomeit, Emily Brisse, and poems from Wendy Merrick Burbank, William James, Hannah Dow and Carrie Hohmann. With visual art by Danielle Genadry and Liz Brizzi.

Back Issues

ArmchairShotgun-Issue_5_cover FINAL“…like the four issues that have gone before it, No 5 has unearthed some exceptional pieces of work.”
Sabotage Reviews
on Issue No. 5

Featuring the fiction of Rob Hill, Devin Kelly, Robert McKean, and Woodlief Thomas, the poetry of Laura Donney, Britt Gambino, Liv Lansdale, Rose Laurano, Adam Phillips, Juan Eugenio Ramirez, and Aleksander Zywicki, the art of Dan-ah Kim and Avery McCarthy, and an interview with award-winning poet Erika Meitner.

issue 4

Featuring the fiction of Aaron Stern, Ryan Crawford, Steven T. Gibbon and Michelle Cheever, the poetry of Alanna Bailey, Maribeth Theroux, Roy Bentley, Tara Moyle, Stuart Moore and Adriana Cloud, the art of Jen Plaskowitz and Frank Lentini, and an interview with Jami Attenberg.

Featuring the fiction of Debbie Ann Ice, Sarah Goffman, Diana Clarke and J.E. Reich, the poetry of Allison Campbell, Alanna Bailey, Danielle Lapidoth, Elliot batTzedek, Inge Hoonte, Liana Jahan Imam and Genevieve Burger-Weiser, the art of Steve Chellis and Andrew Wertz, and an interview with Reif Larsen.

“Many of the pieces illustrate grassroots story-telling at its very best – with three contributors making their début bow – and there is a freshness and a spice to this collection that brings to mind the originality of the Beat generation.”

Sabotage Reviews on Issue No. 2

Featuring the fiction of Jackson Culpepper, Zachary White, Sarah Kate Levy, Marvin Shackelford and Kevin Brown, the poetry of Brian Morrison, Kimberly Grey, Alanna Bailey, Alicia Dreilinger, Matthew Montesano and Cecilia Galarraga, and the art of Sono Osato and Corey Schubert, with a profile of author Jesse Ball by Kevin Dugan.

Featuring the fiction of Nate House, Travis Kurowski, Dolan Morgan, Clare Needham and Buzz Poole, the poetry of Alicia Dreilinger, Howard Good, Christine Jordan, Lauren Kirchner, Laura McMillan, Robin Mookerjee, Tom Oristaglio, Rachel Shopper and Kate Weinberg, the art of Adina Bricklin, Steel Stillman and Ernest Williamson III, and an interview with award-winning author Jonathan Lethem.

Armchair/Shotgun Totebag! (Picture coming soon)