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How Armchair/Shotgun Got Its Name

Obviously we drank ALL the whiskey and were thinking about how comfortable armchairs sounded because sleeeeeeeeepy and then of course we started talking about shotguns because that’s totally normal. End. Of. Story. Okay, maybe not. In the illustrious four-year history of Armchair/Shotgun, one of the most popular questions we get is: “What does your name […]

Harvey Shapiro

Harvey Shapiro, a man who is often referred to around here as one of the greatest poets of New York, passed away yesterday. His loss is a loss to the art form and to our beloved city. The New York Times, where Mr. Shapiro served as an editor from 1957 to 1995, wrote a great […]

Sabotage Reviews on Issue No. 3

UK based Sabotage Reviews took a look at our latest issue last month. With all the hubub around here as we start Issue 4, we forgot to share it with you. Sabotage says, of our Issue 3, The magazine manages to embrace so many art forms and yet remain a predominantly literary offering; storytelling is at the […]

Issue 3 cover - fiction & poetry authors

Women’s Work: How We Published an All-Woman Issue Without Planning It

Hi newcomers! We’ve been getting a bit of traffic today after The Millions mentioned on Twitter that all the stories and poems in our latest issue are by women*. Though the all-female-writers issue was a complete surprise to us, we’re pretty delighted about it and thought we should tell you a little bit about how […]

A Publishing Industry Glossary 1

by Rick Walton. A Publishing Industry Glossary   Advance–the best proof that your project is moving forward. ARC– a vessel you send out into the ocean of reviewers, hoping it floats instead of sinks. Auction–a contest where two or more editors race to see who can show the most irrational exuberance. Author–the costume a writer […]