Armchair/Shotgun is currently on a production hiatus and closed to submissions. We wish you the best in finding a great home for your work, and will enjoy reading it there! 

For any other questions, please contact us here. Thank you.

Armchair/Shotgun accepts fiction and poetry submissions. Please note that all submissions are read and judged anonymously–our editorial board does not know the author of a work until that work has been selected for publication. Our submission manager will ensure that your name is attached to the work in our computer system. Please do not put your name anywhere else in the submission.

Because of our commitment to anonymous submissions, we cannot accept any work where the author’s name appears in the text or on the page (e.g. title page, header or footer). Such works will be removed from consideration.

We do not consider previously published material, or works currently being considered by other publications. Please do not submit work submitted to Armchair/Shotgun elsewhere until you hear from us regarding your piece’s status.

Please know that we are a small magazine, run by working writers, and that we read all pieces we receive. Therefore, please allow up to five months before sending inquiries.

Above all, know that we look forward to reading your work.
All submissions must be formatted as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or an Adobe PDF.
Submission with identifying information will not be considered for publication.
Poetry: Please submit no more than five works at a time. If submitting multiple works, please send each as an individual file as they will be considered independently.
Fiction: Please submit no more than two works at a time. Submissions longer than 8,000 words are discouraged.