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Open For Issue 5 Submissions Now Through May 1st!

As you may have noticed, we now have a brand spanking new website AND a brand spanking new submissions system. But, don’t worry folks! All submissions are still reviewed 100% anonymously. It’s something we are very proud of. Sometimes it even leads to surprises like this! And, on that note, let submitting for issue 5 […]

calvin 2

Better Know a Cocktail: The Teenage Riot features rye, Cynar, dry vermouth, sherry, and bitters.

Author Drink Review: Rob Dubbin 2

Flatiron Lounge is a low-lit, swanky cocktail bar in a midtown neighborhood— we can’t remember which one at the moment— catering to young professionals and the bridge & tunnel crowd. We probably could have found a more appropriate place to treat Colbert Report writer Rob Dubbin, but he didn’t seem to mind. We discussed rye, […]